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NEW THEME~ Create a Public Service Announcement

A BIG THANKS! to everyone that participated in this months themes


Hello everyone! With the help of Michael, we have created a new semi-secret society, S.C.U.P., Society for Cutting Up Paper. I based the name off SCUM, Society for Cutting Up Men, from the I Shot Andy Warhol Movie. Michael has made an incredible flyer. I just finished making badges for all members and started the membership cards. All active Scrapiteria members are eligible for membership. Here's what I need from you. Send me, via email, a collaged image that you would like to represent you on your membership card. You can use a photo of yourself, an old avatar, or make up a completely new image. Once I have it, I will attach it your membership card. Along with your photo, send me the name you would like used on your card. I plan on making a roster with the all the members as soon as I get the ID cards made. Hope to hear from you soon!

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Ruby Red

Yes No

Shadow Of My Former Self.....

The Last Time

Interactive Self Portrait

This was an old collage digitally coloured by Noah Eve, the talented son of a friend who runs the Interactive Arts course at MMU in Manchester where Hazel works. Looking back at it is a kind of sub conscious self portait lsting many of the things I like to do and enjoy looking at.

Theme- internal landscape and or subconscious self portrait

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On The Outside Looking In

Space Junk

Hope I haven't uploaded this one before. From the archives.

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