Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Scrapiteria Did Not Die...It Just Cut Out

Collagists have come and gone through the Scrapiteria doors, but there is one who started with me in the beginning that I would like to acknowledge and that is Michael Leigh.  Thank you Michael for all of your wondrous collages! I would have stopped this blog years ago if it had not been for you.  You have contributed more collages than anyone else and your creativity and energy never cease to amaze me.  You are a true inspiration. 

Thanks again to all the artists who have contributed work for this site.  I look forward to following your progress online.  Take care everyone! 


Monday, September 05, 2011

the End of the Ride...

the trail ends here, but the tracks head off in that direction...

Armageddon The Car and Drive

This seems like a good opportunity to share a collaboration between myself and fellow Scrapiterian, Marty Gordon. You can clearly see the "end" theme here too! Thank you Marty for introducing me to this group. I am deeply saddened to see this blog come to an end. It has been a great example of what I consider the best of humanity: creating, sharing and loving each other in free expresssion. I predict quite a few of us will still be loitering on this site as long as it is still up. Seeing old artwork, reading comments, and reliving the experiences. Best wishes to all the artists here. It has been a fantastic ride. Keep those fingers sticky, and scissors chopping!

Last Day At Club Scrapiteria

All the old faces together again for the last time! Sob sniffle!

Sunday, September 04, 2011

There's always a beginning, a middle, AND and an end !

There's always a beginning, a middle, AND an end...
.... and usually there's another beginning.  Good luck Angelica, and fellow collagists.  I've thoroughly enjoyed my short association with you. Your superior talents have amazed and amused me, AND added to my understanding of this medium.

I hope we run across each other occasionally in the ether..... JO MURRAY

Saturday, September 03, 2011

"Have you heard? Scrapiteria has just come to an end. Now I don't know what to do with this extremely special and totally unique bit of paper."

The End

Please friend me on Facebook (under Marty Gordon) or make me a contact on Flickr (under What Would Jesus Glue). I'd like to keep up with all you fellow Scrappers!

She didn't see it coming.

Farewell, adieu, adios - I'll miss you all, though I hope we stay in touch via flickr, facebook or blogs.

A toast to The Ends!

Thursday, September 01, 2011


Now Panic

Times Up !!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Scrapiteria has now left the building

Theme: The End

Dear Scrapiteria Members and Readers,

After 6 years, I have decided to close this blog (and the Flickr group).  I have enjoyed it very much, but it is time for me to work on new projects.  I hope that you all continue to make collages and that this group has inspired you in some way.  I thank each and every person who has made work for this blog.  It has been a pleasure.

I, along with several other members, are on Flickr.  You can find me here:
 -Snapatorium- .   I plan on creating new collage groups there, so if you are interested, keep a lookout! 

I wish everyone the best of luck in all you do!


p.s. And please, do create collages this week for the End theme.