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The Tiny Museum of the Ozarks

Those with time on their hands while visiting the American southern Midwest may want to set off into the mountains to try to happen upon The Tiny Museum of the Ozarks, the nation's only miniature museum devoted to the culture of the surrounding area. However, be forewarned, signs, some no bigger than postage stamps and staked to the ground with toothpicks can be easily missed. This is why it is suggested that one visits the museum in early spring when new grass has not yet sprouted up shrouding the signage for months to come. If good fortune should take you to the museum, there you will find within the walls of a humble thimble-size cabin perhaps one of the greatest collections of American vernacular and folk art all rendered in forms that fit easily upon the heads of needles. The museum staff, though quite diminuitive is friendly and more than happy to answer questions. The museum's entire collection has been reproduced in a splendid coffee table book the size of a sesame seed and available in the gift store. The museum is closed on Tuesdays.

Museum of Inscrutability

Detroit may not offer much in the way of culture, but it does play home to the Museum of Inscrutability. Housed in the basement of a decommissioned steel foundary, the museum contains a collection of random objects presented in forever changing confounding displays. A tower of canned food shares gallery space with Inuit scrimshaw depicting fundamentals of croquet and a single brass turkey baster circa 1931. Encountering such seemingly disconnected collections leaves one both bewildered and challenged. Information on display cases is at best vague and at worst opaque. Some astute vistors have conjectured that the museum is really just the latest incarnation of Cleveland's now defunct Museum of Veiled Poetics, but the overt homage to Detroit's industrial past suggests no such agenda. So, do I recommend the museum? It is not a simple yes or no, but more accurately I would say, "I don't know."

The Snapshot Museum

Welcome to the Dralux Museum of Just Desserts/Deserts

Monique Welcomes You to the Museum of Human Waste

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Pinball Museum Stores

Macho room at the Wax Museum

Melvin knew his feelings of inadequacy would be trumped by the benefits when he and Betty got home again.

Evolution Display at the Natural Moose History Museum

Monday, April 20, 2009

Baa Baa Black Sheep

Baa baa black sheep have you any crackers?
Only those down in the anderson shelter
We have been saving up all our metal pots and pans
To make pile them up in the furnace and melt them.

One for the master and one for the dame
And one for the rag and bone man
Down Oil Drum Lane.

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Baaa Humbug!

The initiation ceremony for the Black Sheep MC club required wearing a mask in public until one passed muster by butting heads with their rivals, the Rams.

The black sheep of a wholesome Norwegian family

Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Black Sheep of the Legume Family

The humble Legume family never stood on ceremony, let alone ever put on airs. That's why it came as all the greater surprise when little cousin Goober raised dirt poor down in the rural southern United States took to sporting a top hat and insisted that everyone start calling him Mr. Peanut. If that wasn't enough, the little fellow embraced the affectation of wearing a monicle, even though he had perfectly good eye sight. The family viewed it as a secret blessing when Goober distanced himself from his family and created an alternative history for himself.

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Sheep Trick

The Hiplers

First family of country music.

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Pool Of London

The finished collage above and the pages and elements below which went into making up the combined image. Bathing in the Thames was popular in between the wars for the working class of the East End. The brown water gave everyone a nice tanned look which made up for the cases of dysentery and swamp fever.

The Giant Ant Invasion

A bit late- sorry. Hope you can squeeze this one in before the next theme!

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Entertaining the Troops

Pages used: Life, National Geographic, Interior Decoration.

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Caught in the headlights

"Lost in the Grill of a Pickup Truck"

On the Edge of the Realm of the Otherworldly

Escape From Frozlandia

The citizens of Frozlandia make their escape in the only boat they have as the ice continent falls into the sea. Some float away on mini-icebergs and get rescued by pirates. No - I just made it all up!

How to Treat a Dislocated Wing

Let's face it: at one time or another in our angelic exuberance we've all gotten carried away and flown into a clothesline or two. When it happens, as it inevitably will, the important thing to remember is not to panic. Try to straighten out your wing and walk back to the celestial realm. Better still: call a friend to give you a lift home. Once safe in a cloud seek immediate treatment and be sure to ice the joint. In no time you'll be aloft and soaring again.

In next month's issue we will address the embarrassing predicament of molting while on a date.

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