Monday, March 21, 2011

Change for Scrapiteria - Please Read

Due to the number of submissions that I am receiving (and growing each week),  I started a Flickr group which will be an extension of this blog.  Any non-member who wants to participate will now have to post their work to the Flickr group (it's free to join if you aren't already a member).  You can post as many collages as you want for each theme.  Members are welcome to post their work there too, but it's not mandatory.  If you already have a Flickr account, please send me a Flickr email so I can add you to the group.  Or you can send me your Flickr name to my email,  Any questions, don't hesitate to let me know.

I will closely be monitoring the group pool with the help of Michael (A1).  We will still be adding new members to this blog, but will now be picking them from the group pool, so post frequently and comment on others work. I hope to see all of your wonderful work there!


What Would Jesus Glue? said...

Good idea. I was just thinking yesterday that it must be a ton of work for you to post all those images. This should lighten the load.
Thanks for all you do!

Scrapatorium said...

Thanks for the nice comment, Marty!

Molly said...

I understand the amount of work involved and even though new to the site, appreciate it all. Thank you for the encouragement and time.

Occasional Lurker said...

Those of us who do not have and do not want a Google ID, a Yahoo ID or a Facebook ID are unable to participate in Flickr.

At least, that's how it looks from my attempt to create an account on Flickr.