Thursday, November 02, 2006

Firefly Away

This is kind of a mix of last week's theme, Little or Large, and this week's After Dark.

In other Scrapiteria news, the talented Phthalo Blue (Lori V.) does not have internet access at the moment. I am hoping that she will return one day. Let's all wish her well and hope for a speedy return. Since I have had very little free time lately, I have not been able to get together the SCUP packets. Lori made the most wonderful handmade stitched patches for everyone! Please be patient with me. I promise to get them to you soon. Take care everyone!!


Arty said...

Did you get my SCUP manifesto?

Is this the dummy house that gets blown to bits in that film of the nuclear tests in Nevada?

Hope all is well.

scrapatorium said...

Hi Paul! Yes, I have your manifesto and Michael's poster too. Thanks!

And yes, that is the nuclear test house. Good eye!

michael said...

Thanks for the update. Hope all is well. We all fully understand how your time is precious for you at the moment. We look forward to the SCUP though- sounds like fun.