Saturday, February 10, 2007

Crackdown! not for everyone.


d'Chef said...

Cabaret Voltaire

I know it's not the start... but music was my first introduction into collage. or, and i hate to say it... commercial ads.
~thank you A1, Arty& Angelica for encouraging me to learn more about something i love so much

Fast Eyes said...

Why do I think of William Burroughs? Love it!

dylan said...

~i know for some of you this probably wasn't your cup of tea.
just grin and bare it:) might have been a lot worse! i could have made a life size britney spears collage out of teen magazines!!! and then posted a link to Every One of her videos.

-in some of their songs, they almost quote him word for word.
William S Burroughs books are not my cup of tea. Makes my internal dialog feel dirty:(((( but i love his spoken word stuff? and the "cut-up" projects.

scrapatorium said...

Loved it all!! Thanks for the link too. One can lose hours on You Tube!