Thursday, October 04, 2007


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Stanton Hager said...

I hope that with this exquisite collage you haven't "outdone" yourself, as I'd love to see more & more like it. By far, it's your best work since I joined the group; in fact, it's among the best works ANYONE in the group has posted in the past several months.

Such ethereally sad chiaroscuro; such loving tenderness in the expression on the woman who wears Christ's crown of thorns; such bereavement in the young man's sunk posture and blue-closed eyes;
such solacing words of faith cascading down the dark; such affirmation of all-that's-gold(&good) brightly arcing across the gloom. You evoke the poignant, cafe depictions of Picasso's "blue period," but imbued with deeper sympathy and greater faith.