Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Collector Of Green Things

Friends of Rita , the collector of green things, are puzzled by her furniture and carpets.
Hey Rita, they say, how come your house is a drab sepia brown and you collect green things?
Well, says Rita, it's because the green things stand out against the sepia brown and if everything was green the green things would vanish into the general greenery and you could not see them properly. This way the peas, caterpillars, lizards, alligators, books, tin trumpet and paintings all stand out against the sepia brown and become MORE green!
Oh yes, her friends say, we see what you mean. We like your new green bikini too and the way you are holding those giant peas and looking so pleased with yourself Rita. Yes, it all makes perfect sense.


Bobbie said...

Why even Rita is Sepia and she goes so well in her environment! Love those peas :)

Barbara Levine said...

It all does make perfect sense. The perfect marriage between text and image - love the world you have created here.

Dylan Hunt said...

very cool!

scrapatorium said...

Fabulous! I love the mood and coloring.