Sunday, June 15, 2008

Changing Of The Guards

My Dad was in the Grenadier Guards during the war and served in Europe and captured in 1940 and spent 5 years in a POW camp in Poland. Scanner working now so able to trim and adjust the colour a bit.


onehuman said...

That's an Amazing story
and collage.
Happy Fathers Day Michael

Joy Logan said...

Very nice story...sorry he had to suffer as a POW!

wastedpapiers said...

Thanks. He didnt like to talk about it much. I tried to get him to write his memoirs but all I got out of him was four pages and he skipped the war in a couple of sentences!

I had a nice Ftaher's day at the boot sale. I got a box of rubber stamps of animals and birds etc. Archie gave me a box of chocs and a nice collaged card.

scrapatorium said...

That's sad about your dad. I think many men who were in wars don't talk about it, but you know it probably never left their thoughts.

Glad you had a nice day!