Monday, August 16, 2010

Needs a Title

This is a collab I did with John Osgood. It needs a title.
C'mon, all you creative folks. Help me.


The Renzntzman said...

We'll be w/out a home computer for who knows how long. (being serviced/repaired) Hope to be back with you all soon.

wastedpapiers said...

I tried to think of a title but only came up with the pathetic "Truly this is the sun of odd!"

Hope you get back with us soon Marty.

scrapatorium said...

I hope it gets fixed soon, too.

I tried to come up with a title, but nothing. Where's Punwit when we need him?

The Renzntzman said...

I like "The Sun of Odd." That's cool!

onehuman said...

When ever I make a collage.. The title is the only creative influince I have over the viewer, the images are not mine, their experiences are not mine... It's the direction of the title that leads them and me into interpreting the visual piece.

Where do you want it to go with this???

onehuman said...

!Man, did I just sound like an ass... Great collaboration Marty!

The Renzntzman said...

You didn't sound like an ass at all. Titles are very important to me. Some people who see my work say the titles really tie it all together. So, I get what you're saying.
As to the direction of this piece...I haven't a clue.
How's that for a pretentious, artist answer?

Coffee Messiah said...

Nice work.

It seems to be a hurdle I still have trouble making

Titles that is = ; (