Friday, August 19, 2011

Greed Is Not Good

After two weeks away in the vast Australian interior I guess I still am influenced by that.

Greed Is NOT Good
I guess I'm making a comment on the plundering of our landscape by the 'goldseekers'... those greedy pigs with their snouts in the trough... chasing the golden apple.


The Renzntzman said...

Great collage and message!

paperworker said...

You know, I usually come back from vacation thinking about maitais; you have come back thinking about Important Issues and have given us an excellent collage, well done!

wastedpapiers said...

Holidays are always inspiring in some kinda way. It's obviously worked for you!

vivienne strauss said...

Really great. So often I wonder about the greedy ones, no such thing to them as "enough".