Monday, December 05, 2005


Please help me in welcoming Punwit to Scrapiteria! Here's his take on collage:

I discovered the fantastic world of paper arts in 1996, when my wife-to-be started experimenting with rubber stamps. As soon as I heard about mailart, I knew that making unique postcards & envelopes was just the thing for me! Since then I've done altered books, ATCs, assemblage... Well, you get the idea. One of the key features of our house is the studio in the backyard, where we spend evenings together creating art. And nothing is thrown away without first considering its collage potential.


Scrapatorium said...

Glad to see you here Punwit! I have thoroughly enjoyed exchanging art with you and look forward to seeing your work here as well!

Russell CJ Duffy said...

welcome punwit. not a collage artist meslf but one who certainly enjoys your efforts.

onehuman said...

Welcome! I've seen a few of your collages on Scrapatorium Swaps.
I can't wait to see more.

Ali Climo said...

I like what you are doing. How does a collage
brother sign up?