Sunday, May 20, 2007

Father Mydan Swancey

He was actually well known in the parish for being "the envious priest of Argyll" and every Sunday you could see him going green at the sound of choirboys - as he wished he had a wonderful falsetto singing voice but his was like two old rusty cheese graters being scraped together!


dylan said...

"like two old rusty cheese graters "

HaHahaaa! Oh the sound

Awesome A1!

Twice Told Lori said...

Hilarious collage! Love it :) He's like a young Catholic Incredible Hulk :D

scrapatorium said...

To compete with the singing nun's hot tune, Dominique, he wrote, "Mi-Mi-Mi-Mi-Mi Wanna be a Castrati" which bombed in the U.S., but was a huge hit in the discos of Europe.

Fast Eyes said...

Too funny - terrific!