Thursday, June 07, 2007

Chameleon Close Up

! HELP! For All who are interested in taking part in a collage exchange... Your ideas, questions and feedback is needed... Suggesting it was easy... But it's all the little details that will make the whole thing come together. !So what's it going to take?

~email a list of the participants addresses.
~a few themes... and thoughts on collage sizes.
~a time frame to have things finished and posted... Or a policy to reply to any collages received.

NO STRESS! the only rule should be to have FUN! &ENJOY...


Alfonso Brezmes said...

This collage has a vintage aroma I adore (altrhough it can change colours depending on chamaleon´s mood...): i don´t know what collage exchange you are talking about. Some clues?

P.S: I confess I´m a bit lost: I thought this week´s theme was Hygiene. Can somebody tell me how things go?

Sorry for my desorientation:
I, m a lost lost boy in a big big world....

Punwit said...

It is, Alfonso, and new themes are announced each Thursday. What D'Chef is talking about is a project we'd discussed last month: an exchange of a collage by mail to interested members. Several of us agreed it sounded like fun and we'd like to do it but the details never got worked out.

scrapatorium said...

I'll forward your message to all the members and forward you the responses. How does that sound?

d'Chef said...

thank you Angelica