Thursday, September 01, 2011

Theme: The End

Dear Scrapiteria Members and Readers,

After 6 years, I have decided to close this blog (and the Flickr group).  I have enjoyed it very much, but it is time for me to work on new projects.  I hope that you all continue to make collages and that this group has inspired you in some way.  I thank each and every person who has made work for this blog.  It has been a pleasure.

I, along with several other members, are on Flickr.  You can find me here:
 -Snapatorium- .   I plan on creating new collage groups there, so if you are interested, keep a lookout! 

I wish everyone the best of luck in all you do!


p.s. And please, do create collages this week for the End theme.


wastedpapiers said...

This really is a very sad day. I do hope we can work out a way of collaborating in the blogisphere and on Flickr in future.

scrapatorium said...

You can bet on it, Michael! Not a sad day, but a new beginning. :-)

onehuman said...

So this is the End... Well friends, it's been a fun five or so years, and I do truely consider you friends, which is strange because we've never even meet... but I kinda feel like I've got to know some of you through comments on Scrapiteria and collage.

I've learned so much from the wonderful artists who have contributed to this blog, and not just about collage. For that I thank you.

Thanks for all the memories
for all the good times
insiration and love

Lots of good vibes
and tons of positive creative energy sent your way

Lisa said...

Thank you for all the work you put in to this, and the opportunity to participate and "meet" all these fabulous artists.

Best wishes for everyone's future projects!


vivienne strauss said...

Oh so sad! I always get excited on Thursdays when I look to see what the new topic is. I'm going to miss this so much but understand it is a lot of work and responsibility, goodness knows we can all use less of that. I will say it again, I will miss this very much, I've so enjoyed all of you!

scrappyboy said...

Its been a fun ride. Thanks for all the exposure I got from this site. It will be truly missed by me.

Jo Murray said...

Sad, sad, sad.... but one must move forward. It's been great to be in such talented company, if briefly. Good luck to all for your ongoing creativity.

Catch you in the ether I guess.

Coffee Messiah said...

Thanks so much for the inclusion and am sorry I have not been able to keep up on the weekly themes - I've enjoyed being a part of it and to see it growing with people recently - alas, it was nice to be a part of all the nice folks here and hope to continue to see you around - and will post a last one too = Cheers!

The Renzntzman said...

Total bummer. I will miss this terribly. Scrapiteria has been an important part of my artistic life over the last few years. I have been inspired by and learned from my amazing fellow artists. Thanks for everything.

paperworker said...

Oh, sigh. Deeeeeep sigh. Thanks for letting me be a part of this, will miss the weekly theme and all of you very much. You are all so talented and you increase the joy in the world. Lynn

Tim Flanagan said...

Too bad. This site has been responsible for inspiring me to work in a medium I hadn't thought about in years. True cut and paste collage! It's been so great to have a place to take this work and to see everybody else's amazing work. Good luck to everyone from here on out. Let's all work together again!

Crafty Dogma said...

It has been a great honour to be part of this group. I have learned a lot and I have been greatly inspired by everyone's creativity. It is a lot of work to keep a blog going so I would like to say a special thank you to Angelica for all the hard work that she has done. In addition, I would like to thank everyone who has ever contributed to this group. Your work has been amazing and everyone has always been so enthusiastic, positive and always extremely generous and courteous. Many of us are on flickr so we'll be able to keep in touch easily and hopefully we'll still find a way of collaborating. There's still heaps of paper out there to cut up! See you around!

lori said...

oh dear. this is sad. thank you for creating and maintaining this fantastic group, A. I will miss it.

scrapatorium said...

Thank you so much for your comments everyone. It means so much to me that this blog meant something to all of you. I do hope to see all of you here and there on the internet and in my mailbox via mail art. I also look forward to working on collaborations with some of you in the near future. Until then, take care!

Jelens said...

ohhh! It was a great honor for me to have participated in this blog, I learned a lot from you all, thank you, especially Angelica, for inviting me to participate. Long live the collage!! See you on Flickr :-)