Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Dog Collars


Stanton Hager said...

What a masterful display of photomontage! How DETAILED the construction of the room. How Real and Proportionate the interior elements of the room--right down to its many believably-framed pictures of dogs (even on sidewalls!).

I didn't laugh at all and would be surprised if you intended for the piece to get laughs. On the contrary, I found that the black-gowned and white-collared dogs reminded me of Van Dyck's 17th- century portraits of the middleclass Dutch proudly arrayed inside their manifestations of conspicuous wealth.

This is real/surreal portraiture--with a knowledge of art history-- done as painstakingly and as successfully as can be achieved by cuttin' & pastin.'

M'lady, I tip my hat to you.

Barbara Levine said...

ditto on what stanton says (but sorry, I did laugh as I always do when I see dogs in costumes even in notable historical paintings...) and, how timely as I read today Leona Helmsley left 2million to her dog - here's to canine couture!

d'Chef said...

I love dogs...
& in costume too!

I always laugh because they look so pathetic, and I don't mean that in a bad way;)

If I put a shirt on my dog Houdini.
he'll run around the house so proud of himself

Neda said...

A perfect dog day afternoon :)
As usual, this is brilliant!