Saturday, March 28, 2009

Mushroom transplant


scrapatorium said...

Virginia was thrilled. Finally George would be a fun guy.

Ok, corny overused joke. That aside, this is fantastic!!

onehuman said...

Amanita muscaria, is a poisonous mushroom, but when dried, it loses it's carbon molecules, becoming edible. Long ago, this fungus was collected, chopped up, put into clay pots and mixed with fruit juice to produce ambrosia. When the magical brew was gone, the clay pots were placed in the dark and left for a couple of days...
The mold that grows back creates an even more potent brew.

I think it's funny you see these mushrooms in Childrens books all the time.

I'd take good ol' psilocybin
over Amanita any day.


Hugh Musick said...

I love the idea of something like a mushroom transplant and how simply stating it and presenting makes somethng like a mushroom transplant seem like of plausible. As in, "how is your aunt recovering from her mushroom transplant?"

I thoroughly enjoyed this one.

Crafty Dogma said...

Thanks guys! I'm glad you enjoyed this one. onehuman: You sure know a lot about them mushrooms and I'm guessing the knowledge was not gleaned from kids' books!