Sunday, March 01, 2009

The Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

The wolf received an invitation to attend the annual town dance. He wanted to impress all the animals, so he went to the best tailor in town, the elephant, to buy a fancy new suit. The elephant took his measurements and then showed him the finest fabrics. The wolf picked out a sky blue silk for the jacket, an Egyptian white cotton for the shirt, and a black wool for the pants. After making his calculations, the elephant handed him a receipt for the cost of the suit. The wolf let out a loud howl when he saw the price. He could easily afford it because he was wealthy, but he was also very miserly with his money. The wolf stormed out of the tailor's shop determined to find the exact suit at a better price.

On his way home, he passed a small brick house that had the word TAILOR scrawled in chalk on the front door. He rang the bell and was greeted by a small black sheep. The wolf explained to the sheep what he wanted and the price that he was willing to pay. The sheep told him it was impossible to make a suit at that price using those fabrics. However, he could make him a very fine replica using paper instead of fabric. The sheep assured the wolf that no one would be the wiser.

Several days later, the wolf went to pick up his clothes. As promised, the sheep had made an exact copy of the suit he had wanted, only it was made entirely of paper. The wolf was most pleased that he had saved so much money.

On the big day, the Wolf strutted into the ballroom feeling like a million bucks in his suit. As the sheep had promised, none of the animals could tell it was made of paper. In fact, all the lady animals wanted to dance with him. The band started off by playing slow numbers to get the crowd warmed up. The wolf danced cheek to cheek with half a dozen ladies. As the night went on, the music got faster and faster and so did the wolf's dancing. He started sweating profusely and his suit became rather damp. This didn't stop the wolf who liked being the center of attention. When the band began playing a disco tune, he starting dancing frantically, trying to impress everyone with his Saturday Night Fever moves. All of a sudden, there was a loud ripping sound followed by a gasp from the crowd. The wolf had completely ripped out of his paper suit and stood naked before all the animals who were now pointing and bellowing with laughter.

Moral of the story: Never wear sheep paper clothes because they are tearable.


Crafty Dogma said...

Fantastic!!!!!!!!!! Absolutely love the collage, the story and the moral. So much wonderful detail in everything.

wastedpapiers said...

H ah aha! very punny! terrific collage and wonderful story to go with it. The moral is hilarious!

Hugh Musick said...

I can't understand how you think you struggle with words. This is outstanding. Every element of the story works. It is very funny and absurd in a way that I find extremely appealing.

I have to second Adriana's feeling. The collage is beautiful and incredibly detailed. I love it too.

Punwit said...

I bow before you, A. It takes a lot to make me laugh out loud, and your sheep trick absolutely did! Bravo for the perfect illustration and punchline.

scrapatorium said...

Thank you all for your nice comments.

onehuman said...

That's what he gets for
passing out wolf tickets.

Awesome Story Collage A!

blogger finally let me back on,
kept freezing up.

vivienne strauss said...

My goodness, the story is just as great as the collage!! I love it!