Saturday, March 28, 2009

Prescription Mix-up

This was now the third time old man Walters the pharmacist
gave Doris the wrong prescription.
She wanted to call someone, but forgot how to use the phone.


Crafty Dogma said...

Amazing collage. I love the people streaming out of the phone. The Bruegel background is perfect for this.

Punwit said...

I thought it was that other guy, but maybe my prescription is Bosched up too. This is a great one, D!

onehuman said...

It's in the same style Punwit, but it is Bruegel, "Fall of the Rebel Angels."

Oh! wait, Larry, quit fool'n around;)

Crafty Dogma said...

My mistake. It is Bosch! I have used so many of Bosch's and Bruegel images it's all getting mixed up in my head.

onehuman said...

it's Pieter Bruegel,
the Fall of the Rebel Angels.
Look it up

Crafty Dogma said...

Gosh, it was pretty hard to tell with this one!

onehuman said...

I should have been more polite
and told you that you were right the first time.

wastedpapiers said...

Excellent work!

The Renzntzman said...

Bruegel...Bosch...doesn't matter. They both had the same drug dealer.

Whoever it is, brilliant collage!